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What do you think about when the word ‘sex’ gets thrown around? Are conversations difficult to have? Would you like a better relationship with pleasure?

Education, Understanding and Communication at the Core

We are not born knowing how to have sex. Just like we are not born knowing how to walk, ride a bike. We are not born knowing what is right or wrong. ALL of these relationships with the outside world, with ourselves, are LEARNT behaviours.

I want to support the creation of a world where who we love, who we are attracted to, who we spend time with is safe, consensual and pleasurable. We do that, by educating ourselves on the true scientific understanding of sex, removing limiting beliefs that haunt us and learning how to communicate.

This space is about us finding sex positivity and making our own relationship with sex better. It is about breaking the cycle of shame, fear and embarrassment, breaking the cycle that sex topics are taboo. And in turn creating a world where our children, family and friends can thrive! Sex is more than just sex!

Work with Me

Imagine for a moment that there were no social norms around sex, no cultural standards or expectations you had to meet. That is the world I want for my future.

If you would like to work with me, to explore your sexual world, discover new things, discuss a concern, ask a question or perhaps you are looking to become more sex-positive so you can support your children growing into adults in this confusing world, then let’s talk.

“Sexual dysfunctions and concerns tend to stem more from childhood experiences and childhood misconceptions than anything else. If we were brought up in a sex positive world, I would be out of a job” Carol Graham, Psychosexual Therapist

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