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We are not born knowing how to have sex.

Our relationship with sex is learnt.

From our experiences, our upbringing, our societal understanding and teachings.

I am a plus size woman, I am a wife, daughter, niece, auntie, friend, I am a mother of two AND I am a sexual being!

My name is Jessica, and since 2017 I’ve studied sexology, it has become my passion (cliche I know!). I love talking about sex, sharing sex positive, scientific, factual and straightforward information, with some fun and humour sprinkled in. I encouraging open and honest communication, and often ‘bare all’ in my Facebook Group – because this is a journey we are all on.

My hope is that the more I talk about sex, the more of us who embrace the conversation, the more we normalise sex – the easier it is change our own worlds!

What if we stopped treating sex as taboo,and treat it as any other ‘lesson’ to learn in life. Like learning the piano, or to ride a bike?

I’m here for TWO reasons…

No. 1 – I want you to experience the best, most amazing sex of your life…

…whatever that might be, however that might look to you. It could be more sex, less sex, better sex, tantric sex, spiritual sex, energetic sex or even no sex at all. It is about looking out ourselves, finding our deepest desires, dealing with our fears, embracing our bodies and exploring the world available to us – to realise that we are all amazing, individual and normal!

No 2 – I want to create a world where my children, the next generation, get accurate and empowering information.

We need to be seen as embracing our sexual selves, being open and honest with our children – lead by example! Available sex education is limited, is outdated and the ability to get their hands on unsafe information becomes easier and easier each day. We’ve been passing the same archaic and restricting information down generation by generation, because it is too taboo to talk about! Let’s stop that today!

Let’s talk about sex

Sex education, coaching and support can make real changes to your life, with yourself, with partners, with friends, family and colleagues.

How we work together

My mission is to provide support, learning and resources creating safe, non-judgemental and confidential spaces where we can open up the conversation on sex. Wherever you are on your journey, there is something for you – let’s explore together!

14 Days to MORE Desire

Available from June 2022, this is my first DIY Course. A course that will take you on a journey of desire over 2 weeks. It will immerse you in sex, intimacy and empower you to make a positive change. Join my community to be first in line when it comes out!

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Sex Positive Coaching

It all starts with a desire! Coaching is a transformation process, taking you from A to B, or maybe Z! My 121 programme is a personalised journey of discovery, awareness – through straightforward, scientific and sex positive coaching.

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You & Sex; The Membership

Imagine a space where you can learn about yourself, connect more deeply with your partner (and friends), address sexual concerns, boost your confidence and build desires for sex. With experts sharing their knowledge, with monthly resources, live sex education sessions and a community.

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I want to take a second just to highlight one more thing, what this is NOT……..it is not a space where I tell you what you should be doing to be ‘normal’, your individuality is cherished and worshipped. This is not a place where you’ll do a quiz to work out how many times a week you should be having sex, or whether your partner is the right sexual fit for you. It is not a place where you will be given a ‘position of the fortnight’, and it isn’t a porn or dating site. (Psst if you need recommendations for those, just drop me a message!).

Join my Community

Learn more about sex and relationships, along with reading my thoughts and ramblings from my experiences and studies. I will share with you recommended resources, news, updates and factual, straightforward sex positive information.

come on in….
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