My professional side

I am a sex educator and sex coach in-training, having spent over a thousand hours studying sexology, including teachings directly from two of the top sex coaches in America – Patti Britton and Layla Martin – and sex therapists here in the UK.

I started my career in property law, then moved to marketing before a clandestine crossing of paths with my now close friend and mentor, Carol Graham, a practising psychosexual therapist, back in 2017.

I remember struggling to find information that wasn’t superficial, designed to shock or make me feel inadequate. I wanted information about how my body worked, how to communicate better about how I was feeling and wanted, why I wanted sex one minute but not the next. No-one taught me about sex, not really, they taught me how to not get pregnant, not get an STI. I wish I was a taught that there is ‘no normal’ and we should stop comparing ourselves!

So when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped on the opportunity to turn this work into a career.

Keep in touch

My fun side and some personal bits

  • I love to read, my kindle is part of me and without it I’d be lost. My guilty pleasure is reverse harem fiction and who-dunnits.

  • I have been married to Dan since 2005, at the ripe young age of 22 (I’ll let you work out my age).

  • I am a mum, my kids are 4 and 9 as I write this, so I must remember to keep it updated year on year. 

  • I might not look the part, but I love spending time strength training, with regular weekly session.
  • I’m incredibly un-British, I don’t drink tea! In fact, hot drinks are rare in our house.
  • I love action films and will run a mile if someone suggests a horror – the suspense is too much for me!
  • I don’t have a favourite food, it all changes depending on my mood.
  • I preach what I teach, in that vain – I love morning sex, I own sex toys and use them, I regularly masturbate, I watch porn and I’ve had some of my best evenings while at sex clubs!