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My Vision

positive, up-to-date, relevant sex education, for the best journey into adulthood and beyond!

Jessica Staniforth CSC

21st Century Sex Educator, Certified Sex Coach and Mum

I’ve spent over a thousand hours studying sexology, including teachings directly from two of the top sex coaches in America – Patti Britton and Layla Martin – and sex therapists here in the UK, so that I can support and educate you on all the nuances of sex. Which there are many!

I remember struggling to find information that wasn’t superficial, designed to shock or make me feel inadequate. I wanted information about how my body worked, how to communicate better about how I was feeling and wanted, why I wanted sex one minute but not the next. No-one taught me about sex, not really, they taught me how to not get pregnant, not get an STI. I wish I was a taught that there is ‘no normal’ and we should stop comparing ourselves!

I now spend my days doing just this for others, providing the information we need, to make sex and relationships stronger, more connected and in the end, more exciting and pleasurable.

Our core values and Beliefs

To Be, and continue to be, curious

I believe in the importance of asking ‘why’. I believe that a curious mind, one that keeps asking questions is one that evolves and grows, discovering the true purpose and pleasures.

The value being here with you is to encourage you to ask why, and to create a home environment where asking ‘why’ and being curious is normal and supported.

that knowledge is best shared

We have a habit of holding ourselves back, not going deep enough, and perhaps as parents not sharing our knowledge with our children. To protect them, absolutely, but perhaps we are simply protecting ourselves.

I believe that sharing mistakes, being open, sharing knowledge and being positive, will break the cycle, meaning more support for mental health, and more understanding of pleasure.

That parents do not take enough responsbility

Perhaps a hard one to swallow. However, my belief is that we, as parents, do not take enough responsibility when it comes to getting our children ‘ready’ for life. School gets them ready for a work-life, but WE need to get them prepared for the rest.

My values are for us to help support this new way of thinking, that we CAN take responsibility and we WILL do well.

Something interesting – get to know me!

  • I love to read, my kindle is part of me and without it I’d be lost. My guilty pleasure is reverse harem fiction and who-dunnits.

  • I have been married to Dan since 2005, at the ripe young age of 22 (I’ll let you work out my age).

  • I am a mum, my kids are 8 and 12 as I write this, so I must remember to keep it updated year on year.
  • I’m incredibly un-British, I don’t drink tea! In fact, hot drinks are rare in our house.

  • I love action films and will run a mile if someone suggests a horror – the suspense is too much for me!
  • I don’t have a favourite food, it all changes depending on my mood.
  • I preach what I teach, in that vain – my kids get regular conversation around sex, relationships and gender, I love morning sex, I own sex toys and use them, I regularly masturbate, I watch porn and I’ve had some of my best evenings while at sex clubs!