Relationship & Sex Education

Are you a parent of a child 11-18 years? I’m asking for YOUR help to ensure that future generations get the information they need, in a fun and protected way. Will you take my survey?

I’m building an online platform for 11-18 year olds, here’s why …

I’m where you are right now, as a mother I want the best for my children, for them to grow into amazing individuals, who spend their years in this confusing world, happy and healthy. And as much as I respect the focus put on maths, english, history etc. these subjects are only part of the needs children have to support their development, in some ways are a tick box standard, and I want to fill the gaps – I say this all a little more eloquently in the video, so please have a watch and complete the survey to help build a better future for generations to come …..

What is this going to look like?

This is where things get really exciting!

I’m building an online platform that will have a full range of education and activities, from first steps to the more detailed information, that yes might have you hesitate, but I promise is vital for a healthy understanding of sex and relationships. That’s not all, the platform will be based like many other online courses, with a full of tools and activities suited to their age range. Just like an online schooling platform there will be a parent portal too, which means you can access what they are learning, how they are doing, even take some of the lessons yourself.

And my hope, as it grows, is that we will expand the topics to other important areas often missed or not given enough credit, such as nutrition, mental health and online safety.

Get involved at the get-go!

Would you like to get more involved? As the platform evolves over the coming months I’m looking for testers, those who would be willing to review the content from a parent perspective, and maybe even used the platform when it launches 🙂

At the end of the survey you can share your email address and connect. My desire is to create a platform that is as much wanted, as needed, and designed for you in mind. 

You can also keep up-dated to how I’m doing in my build, research and some adult education on my social channels, join me: