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Allowing ourselves the pleasures of sex, understanding that this taboo subject is about health and wellbeing, taking power back for ourselves and for next generations – sex is more than what we realise – work with me and discover yourself! Let’s talk about next steps:

at the end of the day – I’m here to support your journey

From dipping your toe into this world of pleasure, through to discovering who you are and jumping both feet in I’m here to be your guide, your educator, your supporter, to celebrate with you!

That is not all, one of my missions is to support parents with creating sex positive spaces for their children to grow into amazing individual adults, supporting you to a place of confidence so you can fill the gaps that traditional education will miss. 

Jessica has a great way of delivering her knowledge and learning in a simple, non-judgemental way. 

She makes me feel at ease and normalizes any topics, which often feel very personal and let’s be honest, a little embarrassing.

Sex Positive Parenting

It is completely untrue that talking about sex to our children will encourage them to go out and experience it, in fact, talking about sex openly and confidently will mean it is more likely that they will wait longer and importantly, be safer!

  • If you struggle to talk to your children about sex
  • If you want them to be safe and not make the mistakes of your past
  • If you want them to understand who they are, as amazing individuals

Then this sex-positive parenting coaching is for you!

I’m here to explore your understanding of sex, remove some taboos all towards being confident and able to share information in a pleasure focused way (not a danger focused fearful way).

RSE Online – coming soon!

With my delve into sex positive parenting being a passion, and my daughter homeschooled, I realised there was a gap. A gap that meant 1000s of teenagers are going without a solid RSE (Relationship and Sex Education). And even those at mainstream schools are missing vital topics. If you are a parent, and have some views on this, then click the link for more.

Desire and pleasure coaching

  • Do you struggle to find sex pleasurable?
  • Does your partner want more sex than you?
  • Do you rarely initiate sex?
  • Is everything frustrating and feeling like a chore?
  • Are you in life-overload and intimacy is the last thing on your mind?

Feeling like you no longer want sex with your partner or self, is one of the most common concerns that I hear – you are not alone!

121 Coaching is all about exploring sex, desire, pleasure, intimacy, relationships in a personal setting, focusing on pleasure based exploration and discovery. This is designed to be over multiple appointments, where we work together, building goals, taking action. If you want to delve into more pleasure, then this is for you.

PLEASE NOTE: My 121 coaching is designed for vulva owners and couples. If you have specific concerns with regard to male sexuality, erectile disorders then I have some great recommendations – email me and I’ll get you in contact.

Discover the true sexual you

Ever taken the time to discover who you really are as a sexual person, as a person deserving of incredible and mind-blowing pleasure? Well now is your chance…..

We are shaped and formed, evolve even, to become the sexual beings we are today from our personal experiences. I am here to guide you through a discovery of your ‘true sexual self’ to see that following the crowd will never bring us the most out of life.

This 121 session is all about exploring, delving into, celebrating sex in a personal setting. It is perfect for anyone who wants to start their journey, learn more about themselves, in a structured and action focused way. It is designed as one 2-hour session, online, which can evolve into further coaching, but for many people it is all they need!

Before we get started, I want to take a second just to highlight one more thing, and that is Coaching and Education is NOT THERAPY. If you are struggling with deep sexual issues, ones that have been ongoing for years, causing changes in your lifestyle, then therapy is likely more suited for you as trauma may form a big part. My friend, and colleague, Carol Graham is a Psychosexual Therapist and you can find out more about her right here – North Hampshire Clinic Group.

How to work with me

Coaching with me is done online through Zoom or some limited appointment times in Basingstoke, Hampshire. If you would like to work with me, then the first step is to have a 10 minute conversation to get to know each other. My diary is open, you can book a time with me right here on this link. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

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