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If you are unsure how I can help, please ask. If I can’t support you I’m bound to know someone who can! 

Discover the true sexual you

A 2-hour, 121 Online Session – £147

Ever taken the time to discover who you really are as a sexual person, as a person deserving of incredible and mind-blowing pleasure? Well now is your chance…..

We are shaped and formed, evolve even, to become the sexual beings we are today from our personal experiences.

These ‘personal experiences’ come from what we see and hear, from the time we are born to right now.

I am here to guide you through a discovery of your ‘true sexual self’ to see that following the crowd will never bring us the most out of life.

This 121 session is all about exploring, delving into, celebrating sex in a personal setting.

Only 21-30% of women experience orgasm through vaginal intercourse

Rewire your desire

self-guided Online experience

6 modules, bonus content,
exporative actions – £97

Our relationship with sex is a learnt behaviour. Our lives are stories that we write, all based on the world around us, our experiences. The problem comes when those experiences and truths that we tell ourselves are A LOAD OF CRAP! The world is FULL of information that tells us that female sexuality is not important, secondary, hard work!

My self-guided online experience ‘Rewire your Desire’ is all about writing the next chapter of your life with more sex positivity. Becoming more comfortable in your own body. Making sex better and more enjoyable. Making it something you WANT to do, rather than feel is a chore.

AND there are some fun bonus content that isn’t so serious but will get things spicing up!

The course is nearly ready! Just some videos that need some TLC, bear with me, the link for booking will be open SOON!

Jessica has a great way of delivering her knowledge and learning in a simple, non-judgemental way. 

She makes me feel at ease and normalizes any topics, which often feel very personal and let’s be honest, a little embarrassing.

Desire and pleasure coaching

121 Online Coaching
1, 3 & 6 Month Packages starting from £347

Does your partner want more sex than you? Do you rarely initiate sex? Is everything frustrating and feeling like a chore? Are you in life-overload and intimacy is the last thing on your mind?

Feeling like you no longer want sex with your partner or self, is one of the most common concerns that I hear – you are not alone!

121 Coaching is all about exploring sex, desire, intimacy, relationships in a personal setting.

I believe that understanding more about ourselves. That talking about taboo subjects like sex. That finding our own self. All have positive impact. Not just in the bedroom!

Events and Happenings

Along with some of my expert friends, I love to bring you topics of conversation to talk about. Join me for webinars and table conversations throughout the year.

It’s all about the habits – alongside Vicky Midwood – we talk about the cycle of bad habits, how to replace them with new for a more pleasurable experience.

Making Sex Sizzle Again – I talk about sex, desire, intimacy, relationships and more in this session online. Come along and listen to some of the science behind our bodies, discover something about yourself, and my tips to get things sizzling once more!

Women’s Circle – A safe space for conversation! Held over 4-weeks I create a space for you to learn and share with a small group of women.

What’s YOUR sizzle factor?

I’ve teamed up with Vicky Midwood – Fitness, Health and Lifestyle Coach (The Self-Health Guru) to create ‘Health & Pleasure’. And together, we’ve build a ‘Sizzle Quiz’. Think buzzfeed, but with real questions that will get you thinking, and with insights to get you taking action. 10 Questions. 2 Minutes. Let’s do it ….