What is a sex coach?

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In a nutshell, I’m here to support you towards a sex positive outlook on life, to discover who you are, to find pleasures hidden behind taboo

Although I’m here to help you with your concerns and answer questions, one of the great things I love about coaching is that we support people to be ACTIVE towards change, rather than always being reactive.

You don’t need to wait to have a problem with your sex life.

I’m a little bit outside the box when it comes to a traditional coach might be, becuase I have a passion for education alongside my coaching. I like straightforward thinking, I love the science behind the topic and I bring these elements into my sessions wherever I can. It is about looking towards the future, transformation, empowerment and collaboration. And that is where my THREE CORE ELEMENTS come in:

  1. Education,
  2. Understanding, and
  3. Communication.

(1) Education – The Science,  What & why we ‘do’

I’m here to help you understand what you are ‘DOING’ when it comes to sex. In essence it is understanding what sex is, what it isn’t, how our bodies work (and how sometimes that is out of our control).

I’m the sex educator you should have had growing up, one that will support exploration and discovery.

There is much more to sex than we were led to believe, more than you can imagine. The science and factual information about sex that is not widely shared answers MANY questions about how you find your pleasure. 

Part of coaching with me will ALWAYS include some form of sex education, whether I volunteer it or you ask a question that starts the topic, because I believe, without a doubt, that more pleasure can be had with knowledge.

(2) Understanding – Who are you as a unique individual?

How we think and feel are incredibly important factors when it come to pleasure. 

If you think that the desire for sex reduces as you age, then it likely will. If you feel unattractive then you will likely avoid sexual situations.

When excitement and pleasure swirls with fear and shame, confusion often makes us repress and hold back. 

I’m the coach who helps you explore who you truly are, stripping away the limiting beliefs and negative thoughts. That supports your discovery of who you are as a unique being, creating a different story for yourself – towards a sex positive life. Helping you reframe your feelings, connect and reconnect to your sexual self. 

(3) Communication – share the love!

Whether you want to hear it or now, communication is a key factor towards pleasure. As much as we learn and grow, without sharing the knowledge, talking to our partners, there will always be a final piece of the puzzle missing.

AND if you don’t know this about me already, I have a real passion for supporting the next generation towards sex positivity. I want parents to understand their responsibility to speak more openly with their children because just like us, they will not get it from traditional education.

That makes me the person who will help you to share your thoughts openly, starting with me in a non-judgemental and safe space. Encouraging more open communication.

What does a session with me look like?

I’m a strategist by heart, I love a plan, and all plans start with a goal in mind, coaching is no different. Whether you are looking to answer a question, want to enjoy sex more, want to be more open in your communication, what your children to avoid your mistakes, we can work towards all these goals.

You can see the ways you can ‘work with me’ here. Some just want a session to open up and ask a question, have someone to share with, others are not sure what they want but find it during the sessions. Whether you are actively seeking information, or reacting to want to change, we can make a plan towards your goals.

Practically speaking; it is time with me on zoom (or sometimes in person), it is talking and sharing, it is taking away actions and ideas for change.

Sex Coaching is not one thing, it is many things all coming together around sex and relationships. It is education, support, discovery, advice and action. It is creating a safe, non-judgemental container for you to share, connect with your partner and learn.

At the end of the day, it is about you! About creating your ideal life – whatever that might be!  You need nothing more to start the journey that the willingness to learn more.


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