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Dip you toe into my world of sex, intimacy, desire and health – discover, explore and have fun!

Straightforward, scientific, factual and real-life.

My challenges, products, courses and programmes are designed for you in mind, with straightforward and to-the-point information, delivered in a sex positive way. I use scientific and factual information to support everything I do, alongside real-life stories.

We can work 121, find out more about coaching here, but there are a lot more ways to get you started too, so keep scrolling! 

I will be your biggest supporter on this journey, creating a safe and judgement free space for you to explore.

Sex life sizzle

LIVE conversations to bring the fire

Join me for ‘Sex life Sizzle’ hours, where we come together and explore sex positive topics.

These LIVE conversations mean you can ask questions or share if you want, all designed to get sex back as a priority in your life.

LIVE at 8pm on various dates, with catch-up available. Book now for £15 and let’s get breaking the taboo and talk about it!

Conversation Time

Small group coaching – let’s chat!

Join me over 4 weeks to chat about sex. I’ll be delving into 4 topics of conversation, things that often hold us back or we feel shame and fear around. With an open floor for us all to share, ask questions and become more confident in our sexual-self.

This is for women only, maximum of 6 of us coming together.

Starting Wednesday 5 October at 7.30pm

Rewire YOUR Desire

6 DIY modules turning sex into a priority

I made positive, pleasurable changes to my already pretty great relationship, by immersing myself into the world of sex, making sex a priority and learning more about ‘why’!

In this ‘do it yourself’ course, I cover 6 topics that will make you think a little more about your own relationship with sex, intimacy and desire. All in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

AND the power is in ‘doing’ so everyone comes with a sextivity for you to do and strengthen your connection with yourself.

Who are you?

Let’s delve into the TRUE sexual you

Ever wondered 'why' you do some of the things you do? So many of our decisions come from what we 'should' be doing and not what we truly want. We bury those true feelings, whether it is from fear, shame or just because we don't know better.

Let's delve into why together.

This has a DIY element and the opportunity to spend some time with me 121. Watch the videos, complete the short-course and then book in with me.

Sex Positive Parenting

Supporting families to be #sexpositive

Sex education starts at home! Schools only offer the basics, and there is some core information that is never discussed. I have kids, I know the score!

If you have ever wondered how to talk to your kids about sex, what to talk to them about and about how to become more confident with the topics, then join me for this introduction to 'sex positive parenting'.

Get into ACTION

Enjoy 27 of my sextivity worksheets, for £27

I've compiled some of my 'sextivities' into a downloadable collection, just for you!

Don't go thinking these are all about sex positions and tricks... these help you open up, discover your wants and desires, give you skills to share with partners, suggestions to try new ways and more ...

27 actions at your fingertips!


Check me out

There is always more to come. Join my community today and I'll keep you up-to-date on latest released. Have an idea? I'd love to hear it. And want to see me in action, then check out my videos and social media for sex education and rambles