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Coaching for women and couples.

Feeling like you no longer want sex is one of the most common concerns I hear.

Desire and intimacy is one of the core coaching practices that I do, with women and couples… why? Because it is one of the top concerns for many people in and out of relationships.

  • Does your partner want more sex than you? Is there a miss-match that perhaps wasn’t there before?
  • Do you, or your partner, rarely initiate sex these days? It just seems too much effort!
  • Are you stuck in a routine, too much work, managing children, overloaded with more ‘important’ things to do?
  • Do you struggle to communicate with your partner, truly share what you desire in your sex life?
  • Do you live with fear or shame around sex or your body?
If you are here and reading this then I guess you are looking to change all that – you are in the right place!

Coaching is all about exploring sex and what it means to you, all in a personal setting. Working towards the place that you want to be, whether your focus is more sex, more intimacy, more connection…. it all comes together. 

Sex is a taboo subject that can trigger a lot of unease, embarrassment, fear and shame

I believe, completely and wholly, that understanding ourselves and our bodies has a positive impact on every part of our lives, not just the sex part, and goes a long way to understanding and alleviating those feelings.

You might think I’m just saying this….BUT sex coaching is for pretty much everyone! Yup, even you! Why? Because research and understanding of human sexuality is still relatively new science, on top of that we don’t talk about it…

Is it time for you to have some #sexpositive coaching?

You are an amazing, awesome, unique individual!

Everything about sex for you, is personal to you. Your relationship with sex is unique, from the stories that you were told as a child, the religion or society you grew up in, the education you received (or didn’t in most cases) as an adolescent, your first sexual experience, subsequent experiences (good and bad), what you watch on tv, the books you read, the partner(s) you’ve had. Absolutely 100% unique to you.

That uniqueness translates into your desire patterns today, and coaching will help you uncover and understand more about yourself – intimately!

I support you through a journey, how to feel good in your own body, to enjoy the sex that you want (whether it is every day or every year), to feel pleasure, to give pleasure, to empower yourself.

A great relationship with yourself means ALL parts of your life will change.

“Jessica is helping me to find new, exciting and varied ways of me achieving my first orgasm (mid 40s woman). She is very open, friendly and knowledgeable, and I feel comfortable discussing intimate details of my marital sex life. She has helped to bring pleasure and spice back to my life!”

YES! Let’s talk more…..

Book a 30min call with me today, no obligation, this is about seeing if we fit together and if I can help. And if not, I’m pretty sure I can recommend someone who can! 

How does coaching work?

During 121 coaching, I’ll be introducing you to a world of sex, intimacy, love, pleasure and communication. This program is ideal for you to learn more about yourselves and how sex ‘works’, to make positive changes in your relationships.

  • My coaching is designed for either women, or couples of any orientation.
  • Coaching is unique to you (and your partner), that does mean we’ll know each other intimately, but everything we talk about is confidential and judgement free!
  • Coaching is not therapy or counselling – it is transformational support and fun!

  • Coaching is perfect if you are looking for straightforward, scientific and sex positive information – no padding out, I’ll give you the information straight!
  • Coaching sessions are all about talking, not acting – during the sessions clothes stay on! I can’t promise that with the takeaway activities though!
  • It is perfect if you need accountability to get things done.

I’ll nudge you along the way, but it will be up to you!

I’m going to lay it out for you now, what you WON’T get from me;

I won’t be pushing you to use sex toys and aids if you are uncomfortable with this, the sex-tivities will not be – have more sex, try new positions, learn to strip or buy lots of expensive lingerie – it is much more than that.

However, I will be pushing you to the edge of your comfort zone, I will be helping you find your boundaries (and seeing if we can push past them) and I will expect you to put your all into the time we are together!

AND I WILL be encouraging you to have fun and be wild along the way!

Ready? Let’s make some positive change….

If you want to start light, then I highly recommend ‘Discover the True You‘ session, you can book that in my diary right now. Alternatively, I work on two different packages. Book your Call and let’s talk about how we can work together.

Discover the True You


Your opportunity to learn about yourself in a safe, non-judgemental space, where we delve into who you are, break some of the taboos that are holding you back all for a better life-style and the sex YOU WANT.

Discover the TRUE sexual you in this 2-hour private 121 session on zoom, click to find out more and book today.

Month of Change


Do you want need some accountability and support to get things moving. Or have a couple of concerns that you’d like to explore? This is for you!

It includes a 90 min discovery and history session, followed by 4 x 60 min sessions. It includes takeaways, practical activities and advice on further resources to continue your journey.



Want to make some big changes? Start looking at sex, desire and intimacy as a big part of your life. This is perfect for both individuals and couples to explore their sexuality.  

It includes a 90 min discovery,  session (separately if a couple),  followed by 12 x 60min sessions. With takeaways, practical activities, advice, further resources and the support to reach your goals. 

A few FAQs

Take a look at my article ‘What is a sex coach‘ for a more detailed explanation of sex coaching.

My programmes will give you a good base to start with, plus you can move up to the 12-week programme from the one-month intensive.

I also offer quarterly ‘catch-up’ sessions and other great options to continue your journey, including my You & Sex membership programme.

However, if you do want to continue with weekly/fortnightly sessions, then these will be available and we can definitely chat further about adding sessions on.

Yes, I do offer some limited evening session. They book up fast, but you can shout me if this is a problem and happy to work flexibly.
These are primarily done on zoom calls. However, I do offer limited opportunity to work with me face-to-face in Basingstoke, Hampshire if this is what you prefer (and we are allowed). Please mention this when booking.
My 12-week programme does have a payment plan, spreading out over 3 months. You will need to contact me directly to book and arrange this.

You do not need a partner to do any of my coaching sessions. However, there may be actions to take that involve them, if they are happy to participate. 

My 12 week programme is available for partners to join, and this is because it takes more time to discuss and uncover concerns.

My coaching and products are currently designed primarily for women or couples (that includes at least one woman). Why? Simply because I am a woman myself and my expertise is female sexuality. The great news is that I have an amazing network of other very experienced coaches, contact me for a few recommendations.

Nope! Coaching is not therapy, they are two completely different disciplines. If you have an issue, pain or serious problem around sex and relationships then I suggest psychosexual therapy as the place to start. Shout me out and I’ll be happy to help point you in the right direction.
I suggest the 12 week programme if you have more than one concern. However, you can upgrade and I’m flexible with how we move forward should there be more support you need. When we have our first session we’ll be doing a full assessment, you can share all your concerns and goals, together we will work out what is most important, where you’ll get the best outcomes.

At the moment, my time is limited for 121 clients as I do a lot of work on my membership day to day. For this reason 1hr sessions are only offered to clients who start with me on the 5 week or 12-week programme.

However, I do have my intensive 2hr session which might be of interest. Or if you are looking for more regular/flexible coaching, let me know and I’ll be happy to recommend.

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