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Discover, awaken, reconnect to your true sexual self 

Understanding our sexual selves is much more than the physical. Truths that can be revealed by spending the time reflecting on the story of our lives, is nothing short of eye-opening, life-changing, cycle-breaking!

Whether your desire is for more sex, better sex, an understanding of ‘why’ you react or act, wanting shame free experiences – listening to yourself will reveal the true sexual you.

If you stop listening to the ‘shoulds’ of life, amazing things happen!

Do you recognise yourself in any of these?

I don’t have time! Have you seen my life, if I’m not busy then it is time for bed.

I’ve been in a relationship for soooo long, it is normal for sex to lessen and become less important.

The kids are ALWAYS around, how does anyone expect me to have a sex-life?

I’ve never found sex satisfying, I try but there is something missing, and then I start thinking about chores.

I LOVE sex when I’m ‘in it’, however getting in the mood can be a bit of a slog. My partner rarely initiates anymore, because I say no too much.

But are they the real you, or just what should be?!

We are shaped and formed, evolve even, to become the sexual beings we are today from our personal experiences. Our INDIVIDUAL, ONLY RELEVANT TO ME, EXPERIENCES! And this actually has a massive impact on how we give and receive pleasure, not just sexually.

These ‘personal experiences’ come from what we see and hear, from the time we are born to right now.

And I can pretty much guarantee you that what you are ‘seeing and hearing’ when it comes to sex is A LOAD OF CRAP! You see, we are bombarded with negative conditioning, negative messaging and misconception. It has been going on for hundreds of years, particularly in terms of female sexuality.

It can be intense! It will definitely be life-changing
You can do something about it, if you want to, and that is why I am here to guide you through the discovery of your ‘true sexual self’.

How does it work?

In just a few steps we can get something in the diary and you’ll be on your way to a new ‘sexual you’.

Why I am passionate about breaking the cycle and making change…

In case you missed my story, which I share more of in the ‘About’ page, I thought I’d share with you WHY I am passionate about changing our stories with sex.

I’ve been married since I was 22. (This is me and my hubby – I’ve got two kids running around somewhere too.) And everything I learnt, well I learnt it from trial and error and very little education and insights. Because the topic is taboo … I honestly did not realise what I was missing until someone put it under my nose and said..

“Do you know who you are, who you want to be? If you stop ‘following’ the masses, amazing things change!”

Mind-blowing – how many other people out there are just accepting their sexual fate because of lack of opportunity, lack of education, lack of safe space to share. I have a feeling, quite a lot. The work I do under the Sexucation brand, is me doing what I can to change a broken system.

So who am I? I hope I’m your future guide saying ‘lets explore MORE and have FUN doing it’

Answering a few questions

Is this for women (vulva owners) only?2022-09-30T10:08:52+01:00

Right now, yes! The space I’ve created is for exploration of female sexuality, which also encourages more open communication.

Do I need to have a sexual concern for this to benefit me?2022-09-30T10:08:38+01:00

Absolutely not! In fact, my own story and those I work with, come from a place of being pro-active in our sex-lives and relationships, rather than reactive. Growth and exploration is important, and this is a great space to do this!

Is this suitable for me if I’ve suffered a sexual trauma in the past?2022-09-30T10:07:49+01:00

If you have worked through your trauma with a therapist and no longer feel triggered by any of the experiences, then yes this is a safe space. But please be aware, I have a positive and humorous way of teaching and guiding, which means it may still not be suitable for you. If you are unsure, then I would be happy to have a chat with you before hand, drop me an email at

Are our conversations private?2022-09-23T14:25:37+01:00

Absolutely! We will talk about some raw and emotional topics, and it is important for you to know that what you tell me stays between us.

What will show on my bank statement?2022-09-30T10:08:05+01:00

Sexucation is my trading name, but my accounts are all under J Staniforth Coaching, so sex won’t be splashed all over your statements.

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