Challenge YOUR Desire

Changing the ‘feels’, changes everything! Join me for the upcoming challenge, lots included for £27.

The next challenge starts on 24 January 2022

Is this for me?

  1. Curious about the world of sex?
  2. Intrigued by the notion of sex coaching, but just not sure if it is for you?
  3. You want to feel more sensual and confident with intimacy?
  4. Wondered why you sometimes feel like sex is a chore?
  5. Feeling a little fearful of delving into your sexuality?
  6. Struggle with talking openly about your wants and desires?
  7. Feeling disconnected from your body?

Can you related to one of the above? Perhaps all of the above?

If you are a woman or vulva owner, then this is the place for you!

What is the challenge….

I call it a challenge, for want of a better word, because it is about challenging how YOU feel about sex. Throwing out the normal narratives that we are ‘meant’ to think, feel and be.

This is a precursor, a way for you to see how it could be, what is out there, for you to gain permission to explore and start a journey. Here is the thing – I made positive, pleasurable changes to my already pretty great relationship, by immersing myself into the world of sex. And interestingly, it comes down NOT to the ‘act’ of sex itself, but all the feels we have around it. Changing those, changes everything.

Over 6 days (Monday – Saturday), you’ll be doing 5-10min actions (I call them sextivities) to challenge yourself. All of these come with some sex education and thinking topics.