Finally …. everything you need to create abundance of pleasure in your life …. all in one place!

Whatever your experience is in the world of sex, this puts a world of information (correct, factual, healthy, fun, up-to-date information) at your fingertips. I’m opening up the conversation around sex, creating a safe space for women and vulva owners to learn, explore, grow, for better sex, more pleasure and to change the future for the next generation. Time to break the taboos!

If you are like me, and most   women, you are carrying years of sexual repression.

We hear constant chatter …. that we are unsafe in sexuality, we are too much or not enough, we repress our sexuality to be good girls, or perhaps go ‘over the top’ to be like porn stars. We are told not to talk about our wants and desires, not to share problems, keep it behind closed doors. Sex is TABOO – interesting when without it we wouldn’t even be here!

None of this is actually unexpected or your fault, centuries of negative conditioning, shaming of women and yes patriarchal views, have shaped how we feel about sex as a woman.

Sigmund Freud may have been the father of psychology, but he was NOT a friend of female sexuality. His widely believed views, that still exists today given his standing in society, included that all women should be able to orgasm through penetration alone. That any other type of orgasm is ‘immature’. Penetration is what it is all about! Absolute MYTH! Only 20-30% of women experience orgasm through penetration, and sexologists argue that even this likely results from the internal stimulation of the clitoral bulbs. The clits where it’s at!

How would you like to stop the endless scrolling for answers to your intimate questions?

Experience the most epic sex and pleasure of your life?

Strengthen and grow your intimate and loving relationships?

Have access to a safe space to express yourself, shame and judgement free, and grow as the sexual woman you were meant to be?

Have access to expert and professional content, across a range of sexological topics?

Reclaim your sexuality and pleasure power?

Feel authentic to yourself, feel alive and unlock your greatest sexual capacity, confidence and sensuality?

You don’t have to spend years working this out alone …

… together we can transform your relationship with sex, pleasure and intimacy. It starts with you, YOU are the one who has the power to make the changes, reap the rewards! Pleasure is a birth right, and it is time all women hear that!

Jessica is helping me to find new, exciting and varied ways of me achieving my first orgasm (mid 40s woman).

She is very open, friendly and knowledgeable, and I feel comfortable discussing intimate details of my marital sex life.

She has helped to bring pleasure and spice back to my life!

Jessica has a great way of delivering her knowledge and learning in a simple, non-judgemental way.

She makes me feel at ease and normalizes any topics, which often feel very personal and let’s be honest, a little embarrassing.

I love her mission of wanting to make this area of our lives less of a taboo and more comfortable and open to discuss! Her coaching style definitely does all of that!

Let’s look at things differently, sometimes it takes perspective…

Have you ever thought about the insult ‘You are such a pussy’?

It is used as slang to describe someone as being weak and pathetic.

Well that is the worst definition of a pussy I’ve ever heard! I mean pussy is power, they bring pleasure and when it comes to weak? They are literally the organ through which babies enter this world…. no weak or pathetic pussy here … wondering what else we might flip on its head?

So what is the membership?

When I entered this world of sexology I realised quickly that there was MUCH I didn’t know! I’d gone my whole life without this information, and believing the stereotypes and social norms I was brought up with. Never questioning … I do now!

The membership is about shedding the taboo, ridding us of the stereotyping, the negativity surrounding our own views on sex, opening our eyes and giving ourselves fulfilling sexual experiences. It is about turning those red lights that are constantly flashing danger, beware, into the green lights of exploration. About learning new things, putting them into practice, and letting the magic happen!

Together we look at sex in all its glory. The factual, scientific, spiritual sides of this world.

However adventurous, or not, you are I believe that we must ALL learn about sex, because with understanding comes judgement free views. The topic of sex is a powerful conduit to other things, it allows us to bring down the walls. If we break the taboo around sex, the world is our oyster!

This is scary, and I get that truthfully!

Sex is scary, we are taught from a young age as women that sex is full of dangers, and that it is not about us. It brings out a full range of emotions, I’ve experienced them, I’ve watched my clients experience them – from excitement to fear, and all those in-between. In truth, that is why I am here, why the membership is here, why I’m bringing experts and professionals here to talk and walk you through it. I want to provide you with a safe, judgement free, supported space, to become the true you.

This membership is for you, if:

You are looking to build strong, pleasurable sexual experiences (with yourself and others)

You are curious about sex, but perhaps never found a safe space to explore

You understand the value of sex and want to grow into a more pleasured being

You want to uncover and spark your desires

You want to enjoy the healthy sex-life that YOU want

You realise how important it is for us to change for the next generation

You want to become better connected with partner, friends and family

I’ve gone on lots of ups-and-downs when it comes to my love life, and sex has always been a big part of that. For years I lived in a sex-less marriage and only when it ended, did I realise just how important it was to me. However, going ‘back out there’ was daunting. After working with Jessica I realised who I was as a woman, a sexual woman.

I realised just how much I was missing and I’m finally able to tell people I’m dating what I enjoy in the bedroom!

How did I get here ….

Back in 2017 I fell into this world, and it was the happiest tumble I’ve ever taken. What I found in myself, who I’ve become, how it changed me, has brought me more pleasure and more contented happiness than ever before. Yes, sex did that!

Here is the thing, it wasn’t, and still isn’t, about having more sex.

It was about embracing pleasure, finding out who I really am, looking at the world through a clearer lens. I realised how I was hindering myself by believing ‘social norms’ around sex.

Like that I shouldn’t be masturbating when my husband is right there and probably would be up for sex if I asked him.

Like how once I’d had children I became a mum first, sexual being second (or maybe third).

How I had not been honest about my fantasies, what really turned me on, what I wanted to explore because it meant I wasn’t as heterosexual as I thought I was.

Believing that as a plus size woman I wasn’t sexy, couldn’t be sexy.

So much of it wasn’t true, stories I told myself that were stopping my pleasure!

How it works

Let’s take a look inside …. How does it work on a practical level.

Sex is the binding for everything inside the membership. However, you’ll find much more than what is traditionally sex. Content includes bodies and confidence, relationships, gender, diversity, wellness and more … there are two levels to choose from, depending on how much support you want.

The standard membership

Expert lead videos and content

Sexologists, therapists, health and wellness professionals and more share their ‘masterclasses’ with you, LIVE – full of information and takeaways, with minimum of two each month.

DIY mini-courses

Taking some of my most popular topics and look a little deeper into them, with videos and pdfs to work through in your own time, explore who you are.


Because practice makes perfect! A range of activities for you to have fun with, from thinking to doing, and new ones added each month. .


Books, blogs, podcasts and videos from experts around the globe that you can use to expand your knowledge.

Q&As and The Community

A safe, confidential community where you can share, ask question and talk openly about sex (NOT Facebook) – here you can be as anonymous as you like.

Get premium!

Everything above, plus every month you’ll get a deeper dive into the subject, teaching, practice and discussion forum. The easiest way to describe it is I’m taking you on a journey and making you accountable for growth and pleasure. It is a 4-week course each month (which I will be making available outside the membership for £99 each!), with upcoming topics:

May – Going Deeper

June – Orgasm and Climax

July – Relationships

August – Sacred Sexuality

September – The Body and Sex

October – Playtime

Are you ready? Say yes to pleasure!

There is NO limited time cart-opening, I’m here when you are ready to join, because this isn’t a subject to put pressure on!

There are no tie-ins, you can leave whenever you want. And upgrade whenever you want.

If you decide within the first 7 days that you are in the wrong place, I’ll give you your money back!


Join BEFORE 17 April and as a founding member you get Premium for the monthly subscription of Standard – for life!

Standard Membership


  • DIY Courses
  • Expert Webinars and Sex Education LIVE each month
  • Sextivities to take Action
  • Community Group
  • Q&A Opportunities

Premium Membership


  • DIY Courses
  • Expert Webinars and Sex Education LIVE each month
  • Sextivities to take Action
  • Community Group
  • Q&A Opportunities


  • LIVE monthly courses, delving into important topics
  • Complementary 1hr x 121 with me, exploring who YOU are!

Premium + Coaching


  • DIY Courses
  • Expert Webinars and Sex Education LIVE each month
  • Sextivities to take Action
  • Community Group
  • Q&A Opportunities


  • LIVE monthly courses, delving into important topics
  • Complementary 1hr x 121 with me, exploring who YOU are!


  • 2 x 1hr 121 coaching sessions with me each month (usually £140)

Still not sure?

As I said earlier, I get that this is scary, and there might be questions that have reared up. So you can do two things (well three actually, but the third one is not join and I really want you with me 😊).

Firstly – you can join me for one of my FREE challenges which I run live each month, you can book in for the next one right here.

Secondly – let’s chat about it! Book a chat with me, let me personally answer any of your questions and concerns, pop in my diary right here.

Answering a few questions…

Is this for women (vulva owners) only?

Right now, yes! The space I’ve created is for exploration of female sexuality, which also encourages more open communication.

Is the membership for LGBTQ+ and transwomen?

If you identify as female the absolutely this space if for you.

How does the Membership + Coaching work?

You will have 2 x 1hr sessions with me each month that you are a paid member, until whenever you wish to downgrade. 

These are limited, so if you are interested please get in touch.

Do I need to have a sexual concern to join?

Absolutely not! In fact, my own story and those I work with, come from a place of being pro-active in our sex-lives and relationships, rather than reactive. Growth and exploration is important, and this is a great space to do this!

Is this suitable for me if I’ve suffered a sexual trauma in the past?

If you have worked through your trauma with a therapist and no longer feel triggered by any of the experiences, then yes this is a safe space. But please be aware, I have a positive and humorous way of teaching and guiding, which means it may still not be suitable for you. If you are unsure, then I would be happy to have a chat with you before hand, drop me an email at

What will show on my bank statements?

Sexucation is my trading name, but my accounts are all under J Staniforth Coaching, so sex won’t be splashed all over your statements.

I’m concerned about people finding out, and it is holding me back.

It is okay that you are feeling like this, female sexuality is surrounded by an aura of fear and shame. Joining a space that is dedicated to sex can be incredible daunting. Before joining the membership, I’d invite you to have a chat with me.

How do you keep our chat and conversations private?

This was really important to me when setting up the membership, because open communication and sharing is a great way to learn and explore. When you join the membership, you’ll be asked to join a Discord private server. This product allows you to create an account with an avatar image and any display name you wish. If means that you will be able to talk to the community, without your real identity being broadcast, if that is what you wish. 

Likewise, if you were to join the live masterclasses, we would never name anyone out right, call upon you, ask you to have your video on or put you in a position that is uncomfortable. 

Only me and my admins will ever know who you are.