Going a little bit deeper!

LIVES will be every Wednesday from 7.30pm

This is where we get a little bit deeper! Where play is essential part of what we’ll do together, where you’ll see real transformations. Getting down to the details of our sexual identities, discovering new things about ourselves and finding more pleasure. Through group coaching there will be self-reflection, creative exploration, tips and advice. Some months it will just be me sharing these experiences with you, other times there will be experts coming into share their knowledge.

  • Everything is available on catch-up if you can’t make the session time.
  • Each of these topics lasts for 4 weeks, and the lives will be every Wednesday 7.30pm – 9.00pm.
  • They will be held on Discord, for confidentiality.

MAY 2022

Going a little bit deeper!

YOu might have touched on this if you have done the DIY course, here we go a little deeper, together.

Knowing yourself intimately is the first step towards transformation in your sex life.

Starts Wednesday 4th May

JUNE 2022

Orgasm and Climax

How do you feel about orgasm? Let’s talk about the ways and types you can do it, hierarchy and more…

I’ll br bringing in a special guest expert to share her research on this fascinating subject.

Starts Wednesday 1st June

JULY 2022


What types of relationship are there? How to we cultivate them towards what we truly desire? Let’s talk about partners….

A special guest speaker will be joining us.

Starts Wednesday 6th July


Sacred Sexuality

We look into our own goddess nature, who we are as sacred beings, what this means to us – whether we are spiritual or not.

A special guest speaker will be joining us.

Starts Wednesday 3rd August


The Body and Sex

This month is all about confidence and celebration of your body. How we can keep it in tip-top-sex-shape and how we work; physically.

A special guest will be joining us.

Starts Wednesday 7th September



Time to have a little play! We’ll look at the different ways we can pleasure our bodies, toys, kinks and some pussy worship.

A special guest speaker will be joining us.

Starts Wednesday 5th Octoberr

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