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Each of these ‘DIY’ can be done at any time, you can pick them up, come back to them later, do them all in quick succession. They will help you get familiar with a range of topics, and learn about yourself along the way.

New courses will be added regularly, and if you have any requests, then let me know.

Remember, you can share any thoughts, feelings and breakthroughs in the community chat – let’s hear how you are doing!

#1: Know yourself

Who are you? Have you taken the time to really find that out? Knowing yourself is the first step towards transformation in your sex-life and with relationships.

#2: Mind & Body

Every part of you makes up the amazing sexual being you are! Knowing your body intimately, being comfortable in your skin, and normalising sex in your world.

#3: Communication

How, when and what we communicate to our partners is important for a healthy and happy sex life. Let’s talk about ways that we can start sharing our desires with our loved ones.