Check out the replay! Having the Talk Summit

is available to watch now on YouTube

Bringing sex positive conversation direct to you from the experts

What is the Summit all about?

Lack of sex education and being uncomfortable talking about sex are two of the main reasons why we still think of sex as taboo! Worries about sex are not uncommon, but still we suffer in silence, missing all the pleasures that sex has to offer.

I want to change that. And all I’m asking is for you to sit back in the comfort of your own home, where I’ll be bringing the sex education and conversation to you!

Over the live:

  • I’ll be talking with experts who will be sharing their knowledge and tips
  • Sharing actionable content that you can take away to empower your own sexual self
  • We’ll be shaking our bums with some sexercise

We are going to have some FUN!

What’s covered?

We are starting the conversation the ‘right’ way, by getting you comfortable talking about sex with some really important and relatable subjects. We’ll be talking about relationships, communication and some history of sex.

The topics start to take a deeper look into sex as we progress. I will be joined by experts and having conversations around desire, masturbation, orgasm and some sexercise.