Coaching towards a positive future

Imagine for a moment that there were no social norms around sex, no cultural standards or expectations.

Book a coaching session with me, start building confidence to support your life, your childrens lives. Coaching starts with ‘Who You Are’ Session, a 1hr30min appointment.

You are an amazing, awesome, unique individual – who can break the cycle!

Everything about sex for you, is personal to you. Your relationship with sex is unique, from the stories that you were told as a child, the religion or society you grew up in, the education you received (or didn’t in most cases) as an adolescent, your first sexual experience, subsequent experiences (good and bad), what you watch on tv, the books you read, the partner(s) you’ve had. Absolutely 100% unique to you.

That uniqueness has created your relationship with sex. One we teach on down the generations.

During my learning over the last 6 years, my delve into the world of sex, my qualifications as a Sex Coach and Educator, my research, my experiences talking to adults, psychosexual therapists about their experiences, the truth of the matter is that the majority of the issues, concerns, even disorders that present in adulthood are as a result of poor sex education and poor, limiting belief systems built in childhood.

The best way to give our children positive outlooks, is to be comfortable and confident in our own sexuality. To understand our own beliefs and values. Ensure we are truly asking and receiving what we want and need. Not blindly following the footsteps of those who came before us.

With knowledge and confidence, by following our true beliefs, we will support our children to find their own way, safely, into the world.

Coaching is about the desire to make your sex and relationships better, more pleasurable, more positive.

Coaching is about goal setting for the future and taking action for change. YOU are the one moving forward, you are in control of change, and coaching will help you discover who you truly are.

The benefits impact your whole life, including creating a sex positive home life.

This isn’t therapy, therapy is about diagnosis and treatment plans. This is about questioning things, wondering, desiring your sex and relationships to be better, more pleasurable.

During 121 coaching, I’ll be introducing you to a world of sex, intimacy, love, pleasure and communication, building confidence, understanding and discovering new things about yourself.

Coaching is broken down into three parts:

1 – Who you are

An important step, looking back to who you are, where your beliefs around sex originated. I’ll guide you on a journey to delve into the past.

2 – Education

I’ll fill in the blanks, dispel the myths, talk about the science and the facts, helping you to understand ‘why’.

3 – Action

Taking the new knowledge and understanding and actioning it is a powerful tool towards creating sex positivity and confidence.

Where do we start?

Whether you work with me for one session, or we take things forward with multiple sessions over multiple months, it ALL starts with a ‘Who Are You’ Coaching Session. For some, this is enough, it answers a question, highlights a solution, allows the door to be opened. For others, continued support and accountability is important.

Who You Are Coaching Session is 1hr and 30mins of 121 time, where I’ll guide you through a journey of your sexual story and how to take actions to more forward towards more pleasure and confidence.

This 1hr 30 min session is £125, that includes a follow-up email with action AND 10 Day Money Back Guarantee.