Tips to make the most out of this course

You’ve watched the video, I mention a few of these already, but I wanted to share with you some tips to make the most of this course. The nature of DIY courses is that we think ‘let’s do them later’ but you brought this for a reason, so here are a few ideas to keep you on track:

  • Add it to the calendar. Put 15 minutes in your diary against each of the modules. They don’t need to be crammed together, but get them booked in and treat them like a true appointment.
  • Write things down. There is power in writing, it helps us cement information into our minds and bodies. Have a pen and paper ready!
  • Do the modules in order. Yes I have built this in the order that I think is best, so go along with me, you can always revisit.
  • Do the Sextivities (actions). I’ve put lots of ‘actions’ within the videos, when we ‘do’ we change. So delve into them with gusto.
  • Give yourself feedback. Reflecting on how you feel and what you’ve experienced is important, at the end of each module I’ve added a few questions, jot the answers down and ‘think’ about what you’ve learnt/experienced.