Your Own Sex Education & Sponge Effect

One of the best ways to ensure we are giving our children sex-positive vibes is to make sure that we understand how it works, how we work. Basically, we need to go back to our own sex education and update it, because just like them, we didn’t get enough either! And we need to make sure that the beliefs we have around sex and relationships are true and not limiting, that these are not being passed down generation to generation!

A few questions for you to answer, to think about who you are and what you believe when it comes to sex:

1 – How do you feel about sex? When you hear the word or someone starts talking about it, what are you initial thoughts and feelings?

2 – Who taught you about sex? Do you remember how you felt? Did others react, such as school peers?

3 – How do you feel about masturbation?

4 – What was your first sexual experience like? Did you know what you were doing? Did you feel good or bad after?