The term sexual blueprint or narrative is used across sexology, and in a nutshell it means everything about us that makes us who we are today. All sexologists, coaches and psychologists when you meet them for sessions will start with this important gathering of information. We are going to talk about what that is, why it is so important to know PLUS how we can make positive changes.

This video is all about that, and how our parents influenced our sexual selves today.

In the video I talk about some questions you can ask yourself, and here they are, and a few more, for you to consider.

  • Did you feel protected as a child?
  • Were there any feelings of abandonment? Whether from a caregiver or close family member, short term or long term.
  • Did you ever have moments when you ‘never felt good enough’?
  • Did your parents / caregivers trust you? How did they show trust?
  • Did you get physical affection / cuddles as a child?

  • Could you be upset with your parents / caregivers? Could you argue with them?
  • Could you talk to them about emotions and feelings?
  • How did your parents / caregivers react to ‘sexual’ situations when they were portrayed in the media?
Parents and caregivers, unwittingly in most cases, shape how we see the world as sexual beings. We often do not realise how much, because we do not take the time to look back and see where we’ve come from. When we know more information, we can make wiser and more fulfilling decisions.

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Jessica Staniforth

I’m a huge believer that opening up conversation around sex, with our partners, friends, family and communities will lead to more fulfilling and healthy sexual relationships. With conversation comes understanding, growth and a feeling that we are not all alone! I also love reading reverse harem romances, eating lots of ice-cream and nights when I have a babysitter.

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